Skatepark Recognition Program
with a Capital Campaign Goal of $200,000

Donors who contribute $500 or more in cash or in-kind, will be permanently listed on the donor wall that will be built at the introduction area of the skatepark.

In addition, donors who contribute $1,000 or more may select one of the listed recognition locations for the appropriate level of giving where a permanent plaque will be placed.

Donation Level Required             Locations

$25,000                                       Big Bowl
$15,000                                       Small Bowl
$10,000                                       Transition Walls (2)
                                                    Half Pipe
$5,000                                         Wedge
                                                   Quarter Pipe
                                                    Street Feature
                                                    Mystery Box
$2,000                                         Metal obstacles (3)
                                                    Benches with tables (2)
$1,000                                         Benches (4)

Total Number Recognition Opportunities:  21

Total Value Recognition Opportunities:  $119,000