Professional Skatepark Plans for Reference

ATTENTION! Architects, City Planners, Engineers and Skatepark Committees.

Why waste time and money figuring out what is already standard procedure for skatepark industry professionals? Announcing the all new........


A comprehensive set of Construction documents for a 12,000 square foot concrete skatepark facility. Just like any park ready to go to bid. Designed by professionals to meet the needs of beginner, intermediate and expert skaters. Current to industry specifications.


  • Cover Sheet
  • Site Location/Fill Plan
  • Construction Plan
  • Grading/Drainage Plan
  • Steel Coping/Expansion Joint Plan
  • Plan and Sections
  • Sections
  • Sections and Details
  • Details

To see some tiny pictures of the plans. Click this link

Start to finish, all on CD-ROM. The Construction document set is only $24.95 including postage and handling to anywhere in the world.

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