Our Comprehensive How-to Skatepark Guide

TransWorld Skateboarding called this book "The Public Skatepark Builders Bible"... they were right!

With this innovative do-it-yourself approach it is possible for your community or organization to build your own concrete skatepark, and save thousands of dollars in the process. Our book will show you how.

"The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Concrete Skatepark Construct"

Detailed guidelines on how to:

  • Organize Community Support
  • Plan a Campaign
  • Fundraise Needed Capital
  • Evaluate Potential Sites
  • Design and Engineer a Park

Concise information with examples from successful skatepark campaigns. Complete and ready to use.

Construction technology explained in detail with digital photos on CD-ROM. Everything you need to know about:

  • Excavation and Ground Sculpting
  • Drainage
  • Structural Support/Rebar
  • Concrete Formulation
  • Steel Coping: Fabricating and Anchoring
  • Forms, Jigs and Screeds
  • Bowls, Including Vert.
  • Build Any Obstacle
  • Specialized Finishing Techniques
  • Important Tools You Make Yourself
    And Much More.................

The e-book on CD-ROM is only $24.95 including postage and handling to anywhere in the world.

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